Respecting and Loving Others :)

“The respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.” -Robin Sharma

Being respectful and loving those you care about can be very challenging. But it IS something that we accomplish many, many times each and every day! I have so much respect for the people I interact with! Whether it’s via Facebook, in person, over the telephone, or even texting someone, respect is key! Respect and Love go hand in hand. You can’t love someone without caring about them and being respectful of their wishes. Unfortunately, people do not come with instruction manuals on how to relate to them. It’s all about getting to know one another! There are many ways to love and respect people! One of the main principles to loving someone is wanting the very best for them! πŸ™‚ Love takes a lot of hard work and effort and has to be worked on every day. No relationship is ever totally complete. That’s not to say there are not very successful couples! There are many people who seem to have it all put together and worked out. But even the happiest of people have to work very hard. Relationships are ALWAYS a two way street. Both people must work at a relationship in order to be successful!Β Think of love as a scale, it requires balance. You are one side of the scale and the other person is on the opposite side. And BOTH of you have to work at finding the emotional balance. So much of our lives are based off of our interactions with others πŸ™‚ People are amazing! You should want to respect others, because not only does it make them feel appreciated, it reflects the person you are! Being respected is wonderful! It opens up the door to so many possibilities, some you may not even be aware of yet! When you are in doubt think about these important points: πŸ™‚

1.) Always have the other person’s best interest at heart! In other words, always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Try to think about what might be causing them to act the way they are. Maybe things are uncomfortable or awkward. Switching points of view or changing your perspective could really help you learn how the individual needs to be treated. Perhaps you will learn something you didn’t know before.

2.) Remain calm! Maintaining an over all pleasant manner will help you in the long run. Although we all have moments where we lose our temper try to remember that feeling angry or upset is only temporary and that those feelings do pass eventually. None of us like being yelled at or argued with so try to keep a positive outlook on the not-so-positive situation.Β 

3.) Try not to judge. I know it is natural as a human being to judge. However, when we judge we are not allowing ourselves to love the other person. ❀ Love is really about learning to accept all imperfections about a person and still loving the person they are. When we learn to put all judgment aside then, and only then, will we truly conquer the love goal! πŸ™‚

4.) Eye contact! When we look at people in the eye we are giving them the impression that they ARE important! And we all love knowing that what we say and talk about matters! In simple words: Be someone who cares! πŸ™‚

5.) Apologizing (if necessary) is very key! When we say, “I’m sorry.” we are letting the other person know that we respect and love them enough to move passed whatever the problem is. You CAN work through any bumps in the road if you just have patience. Life is about learning and growing and experiencing new experiences! No one is perfect, but we can always improve the beautiful people we are! πŸ™‚

“Respect people’s feelings! Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.” -Unknown


One thought on “Respecting and Loving Others :)

  1. Respect is so personal to me. I learned first hand that by respecting another, it went by leaps and bounds to repairing the relationship! Eye contact is also very important. Life is like a boomerang and what you send out, comes back to you.

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