Compromising in Tough Situations :)

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” -Anne Frank

When someone hurts your feelings it can be hard to understand why. There are small arguments where people forgive one another within a matter of a couple hours. There are other arguments that occur that never get mended and they eventually end an entire relationship. It is always sad when something or someone so special, that meant so much to you doesn’t work out. Regardless of what people tell you, “Oh, losing people is just a part of life. You’ll be better off without them.” losing people is never easy. Whether we are talking about a friend, family member, or relative, letting go isn’t easy at all! Perhaps, we can change the amount of times we let a person go or leave a person’s life forever, whatever the reason. When we get angry we are usually upset because we want someone to agree with what it is that we are telling them. Is it possible to help someone see your point of view without getting angry? The answer is YES! Try a couple of the techniques listed below: 🙂

1.) Identify the problem. Where is the source of your argument? What is it that you want this other person(s) to see? Really try to have a clear idea of what you are trying to explain.

2.) Establish your sense of being. Calm yourself. Stay in the moment and focus on nothing else! You need to dedicate your attention to whomever you might be talking to. In other words, limit your distractions.

3.) Keep an open mind to what the other person is saying. We all like to have our way but you will help your case by keeping an open mind to the other person’s thoughts as well.

4.) Be willing to compromise. If we are willing to compromise we allow flexibility in our final decision. Compromising isn’t about a winner and a loser, compromising is making the argument a win-win situation for all people involved! 🙂

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” -Oscar Wilde


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