“We think that forgiveness is weakness, but it’s absolutely not; it takes a very strong person to forgive.” ~T.D. Jakes

I think it’s fair to say that we have all suffered by someones hurtful words or actions at some point in our life. Whether it was being insulted by your friend, being stood up by somebody, or worse… we know what being hurt feels like. It’s painful when the ones we love or the ones we are close to hurt us in deep ways. It stings on a deeper level than we can imagine sometimes. It can take a long time to process what exactly it was that hurt so deeply but once we process it, we must find that love we once had for that person and find a way to forgive them.

Now, keep in mind that forgiving someone isn’t always being friends with that individual again. Sometimes the wound is too deep and we don’t want to be with that person anymore because we know we can find someone who will respect us more or someone who will treat us the way we want to be treated! In my own personal opinion, we are not all made to get along with every single person we meet. Life is about finding the ones who make us happiest, who care for us when we are ill, who pick us up when we have fallen, who love us at our best and worst moments, who are there to cheer us on when we run a race or achieve a big accomplishment, etc.,etc. You’re not going to get along with everyone and you will meet people that you just don’t like… it’s OKAY!!! 🙂 🙂 When you get hurt and are trying to forgive keep these important points in mind: 🙂

1.) Only forgive when you are ready! You are never obligated to forgive someone right away! It takes time to deal with pain and you have to be in the right mind set to forgive! It’s usually very difficult to forgive someone when you are still mad or hurt about what they did!

2.) Guard your precious heart! ❤ Your heart is so fragile and you need to protect it! People can say very hurtful things when they are angry with you. Although they may not mean it at the time, it is still incredibly painful to hear bad words being said to us. Especially when these words come from the people who we thought would never hurt us.

3.) Apologize. Apologies are personal. They have to be done right and said with true integrity and love. You are not truly apologizing to someone if your voice is angry or held back. Does that make sense? All I am trying to say is, apologize because you want to not because you have to.

4.) Show emotion! You are completely allowed to use your words and your voice to express how hurt you are. Everyone has the right to say how they feel. Please be careful though. Think BEFORE you SPEAK! 🙂

5.) Self Control! Use self control so that you do not end up hurting yourself and others! Self control is best used when we are using common sense! 🙂

Please remember that forgiveness will set you free! When you forgive you are allowing your heart to let go of hate and embrace love more easily!

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” ~Thomas Szasz


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