Letting go and Moving on <3

“I think it’s important to have closure in any relationship that ends – from a romantic relationship to a friendship. You should always have a sense of clarity at the end and know why it began and why it ended. You need that in your life to move cleanly into your next phase.” ~Jennifer Aniston

Have you ever had any sort of relationship end? Maybe it was a best friend you had for a long time or perhaps a spouse who you thought you would end up sharing the rest of your life with? Does your heart still ache a little when you think about them? Letting go of someone has to be one of life’s most painful experiences! Finding someone you love isn’t a small deal, it’s one of the biggest deals ever! It’s interesting, but I find that we are usually very quickly as people to just let someone into our life because we love, love! When we choose to accept someone into our lives, we aren’t usually thinking about letting go or saying goodbye. We almost always are thinking about the short term! However, there is a reason why we let people go. It’s not always clear to begin with and sometimes it can take up to several years before you gain true perspective on why something had to end the way it did! I do think we should try to keep in mind that people do leave our life for a reason and a lot of times I think it’s because someone better (maybe not better) but someone else is about to come into our lives and that person can help heal the wound that the last person left. Does that make sense?

One of the things I have learned so far in my 19 years of being alive is relationships are all about perspective! When you are in a relationship or friendship you have to constantly be putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and be trying to understand where they are coming from. Well, when you end a relationship or friendship the same thing has to happen. You have regain perspective on the situation! Eventually though we have to let go and move on. You have more than just one person and one experience in your life! You have millions of people to meet and millions of experiences that are yet to be had! How does one let go and move on you ask? By gaining perspective and getting closure (or healing the wound) on the situation.

Once you are able to gain the needed perspective on a relationship or friendship that’s when you know it’s time to let go and move on! By letting go and moving on, we are opening ourselves back up and telling the world, “Yes, I have been hurt but I have the courage to meet someone else and try again.” You will feel stronger and healthier when you end unhealthy relations! It may not be an automatic change you experience but it will happen over time! 

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost


One thought on “Letting go and Moving on <3

  1. I had a 5 year Saturday relationship with a friend. It was mostly a lopsided friendship favoring her. She hardly ever listened to me and we always went to lunch at a place of her choice and then browsed in a store of her choice. She would get mad @ me for such indiscretions as dressing up more than her or talking too much to the waitresses or clerks. One year she was very sick and could not go for 3 Saturdays in a row. I had a real vacation on Saturdays doing exactly as I pleased. I realized on that break how negative she was and how much she pulled me down. We did not talk for the last 2 years of her life, but I realized how much happier I was with other friendships.

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