Giving Back:)

“To me, giving back is so important. It makes others feel good which then in return makes me feel good.” ~ Katie Cassidy
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill 

I like to think that the effort we put into life is the kindness that we receive back. You know that saying, “What goes around, comes around.”? Well, that’s the principle I am speaking of here. I do believe that what you put into life, you will also get out of life too.

For Example! If you are kind to others, wouldn’t you expect that they will be kind to you? I have found that this works with anything! Even back when I was in school and someone asked to borrow a pencil, I could always count on that same person to return that favor to me when I was in need of a pencil. Giving goes a LONG way, my friends! It may feel like sometimes that no cares or appreciates it but in fact, people remember it forever!

I can’t make you give more or less than you already do, only you have that power. But, I strongly encourage that we all get into the habit of giving back as often as possible! Here are some helpful guidelines that I try to live by: 🙂

  • When receiving, be gracious and thankful! Regardless of how big or small the item or blessing you are receiving, be grateful for it! And MOST importantly, thank the person for it!!!! No one enjoys giving and not receiving a kind thank you! It can be by phone, by mail, by text, etc.,etc. Just make sure you express your gratitude!!! It is SO important!!!!!!!
  • ALWAYS give from your heart!! Do not give unless you truly and fully want to give anything!!! Whether it be a hug or a card, give with everything you’ve got!
  • People can tell when you don’t mean it. So smile and hold nothing back! 🙂 🙂

Be kind- hearted forever! Love the people who come into your life, for every single one of those people has a purpose! Give back to those who give you a reason to thank them! And lastly but not least, when you receive, be gracious! 🙂

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank


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