Look Deeper… :)

“Do not conceive that fine clothes make fine men, any more than fine feathers make fine birds.” ~George Washington

Interestingly enough, as hard as it may be to believe, looking deep into ones’ soul can be quite a challenge. Not because we aren’t deep enough, but because each of us are like our own individual planet. We have so many layers to us. Some layers thicker, others as thin as paper. Have you ever met someone in school or at a job and the first feeling you got from them was that they had been through a lot or were very “guarded”? At first one might think of that as being rude or disrespectful but a lot of times when we give people another chance and get to know them we find that some of these people are not merely what we thought they were. Sometimes they end up our best friends or they teach us something that others hadn’t succeeded at doing. When you really decide to look deep into someones life and heart you will find that each person you meet really teaches you something. Sometimes what people teach us is very simple but others teach life lessons that stick with us a life-time. Next time you meet someone new, look deeper. Don’t just scratch the surface, search for that sparkle in their eyes, the golden glow within their precious heart, or the dream that their mind longs to achieve. ❤

Moral of this Blog: We are often quick to judge someone by their “cover”. We need to replace the judgement and put love and openness in it’s place. 🙂

“If we were as quick to forgive others as we are to judge them, we would all experience a much more peaceful existance.” ~Chris Lumpkin


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