Equality!! :)

“When you hear people making hateful comments, stand up to them. Point out what a waste it is to hate, and you could open their eyes.” ~Taylor Swift  Have you ever seen someone being hurt? Physically, verbally, mentally, or emotionally? Does it break your heart like it does mine when you think of all the bullying and hurtful comments that are said and done every day? What if there was something we could do? What if we tried to stick up for the people who maybe just need some of our help. What if all they needed was a little strength and encouragement from a friend or family member?

Starting today, let us eliminate bullying, discrimination, and meanness. I say we stick up for one another no matter who we are and where we come from! We should try and treat everyone as an equal! Because this is what friends do, this is what good people do, this kind of behavior is what makes someone a hero!! 🙂 Anyone has the power to change!! That is what makes us beautiful humans!!!! ❤

Being different is NOT a bad thing!!! Some how, long ago, back in time, the idea came about that we all need to be the same, think the same, act the same, and look the same in order to be okay! We’ve come a long way from those days, but there is still a lot of bullying that happens and I want us, as a strong group of people to help stop bullying! Taylor Swift, has a fantastic quote that she once said which is, “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” I agree with her on this one! 🙂 It all starts with one person and that one person is YOU! We cannot change anyone else but ourselves but we can certainly be symbols of EQUALITY! Here’s an acrostic poem of what I believe the meaning of Equality symbolizes! 🙂

Equal Kindness!

Quality Humans!

Unity As A Group!

Act Amazing!

Love Yourself and Each Other! ❤

Integrity! Have Some! 🙂

Time! There’s Plenty Of It To Make A Difference!

YOU! It All Starts With You!! 😀

Have an incredible and beautiful day, beautiful humans! 🙂

“Sometimes, in order to follow our moral compass and/or our hearts, we have to make unpopular decisions or stand up for what we believe in.” ~Tabatha Coffey


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