Conquer All That You Can!:)

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi

If ever there was ever a time to do something you’ve never done, now is that time! A lot of times we hold off our biggest dreams and goals because we always tell ourselves the perfect moment will come! Guess what? The perfect moment never truly comes. As weird as that may sound, there will always be a reason you can come up with as to why you cannot do something. So why not do it NOW?! 😀

I really, really loved the quote at the top of this blog entry today because I thought it has a really great point! We all have to start small and become bigger, right?! More or less we all have to start from where we are and get to where we want to be! If we start by doing just what is necessary, we will find that we can accomplish more than what we thought we could! Because believe it or not, YOU are capable of doing anything! We do so much every single day and we for surely can get to the place of feeling like we have just achieved what we thought wasn’t possible!

We need to keep setting goals for ourselves! We need to keep being motivated! It’s easy to give up but isn’t it almost easier to keep going?! When you give up, what do you do? You are basically letting the world conquer you. You are giving into what you wanted to do. Do NOT do that!!! You are more than capable of staying motivated!!! You need to conquer a whole bunch of things in your life time but you can’t give up when times get tough! You HAVE to KEEP GOING!!! When you are lacking motivation, tell yourself all the reasons why you are NOT going to give up!! Whenever I feel like giving up, I tell myself, “You know what Lindsay? You are NOT going to give up! You started this for you and you are going finish this for you!” Don’t set your goals up based off what others want you to do, set them up because they are what you want to do!!! Others will always have the potential to let you down, but YOU can’t let yourself down unless you choose to do so!

Remember this: Winners NEVER quit. And Quitters NEVER win! That was a quote that was on a poster in the work out room when I was in middle school! Every time we could down to the work out room and do heart rate monitors I always seemed to look up at that poster. I felt like it was sign to myself that although times were tough I just needed to keep being happy! 🙂

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” ~Benjamin Franklin


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