Dealing With Life!:)

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ~Joseph Campbell

Today’s blog is just a bit different! Not to worry, my goal is always to inspire you and to leave you with a positive sense of who you are. I plan to do that today but the topic of life can be a bit hard to talk about.

Life is a topic that so many of us ponder and it’s what we live every day. We wake up every day, we go about our routines, we smile, we cry, we receive great news, we receive tragic news, we love each other, we fight, we argue, etc., etc. Life is full of happiness and sadness. It’s a bittersweet world. It’s not full of all things that are good, but it’s also not full of all things that are bad. At times life can seem so challenging and so difficult, but at other times it feels as though the sun has be shining forever. It’s amazing how things change so drastically from one day to the next.

Do you ever wish we were given an instruction manual on how deal with hardship? Perhaps we would find comfort in having another instruction manual on how to love someone?… Why? Because while love is often the positive force that drives us all to keep going, it can leave someone feeling almost as empty as any hardship would…. Right?…. Maybe not? Because even an instruction manual could never quite prepare us for the tragedies that strike our lives so deeply.

I feel that it is in times of hardship that we tend to remember why love is so crucial in our lives. It’s the force or power responsible for bringing human beings together since the beginning of time. It’s what has mended families of desperation, heart ache, and tragedy. It’s what has brought us together at big gatherings such as graduations, birthday celebrations, and weddings. It’s the thread with which we mend a broken heart, it’s the sunshine which dries our tears, and creates happiness for most people!

It’s important that we recognize how important WE are! While we do have feelings of hopelessness, despair, and loss, we must remember that those feelings DO pass. It may take time, we may have to cry and get very upset, but they do pass. And when those feelings of sadness leave we are slowly but surely brought back to this sense of hopefulness, clarity, and goodness. Do not harm yourself because of something else that has caused you despair. That’s why we have friends, family, and each other. Remember that although we are capable of letting each other down, we are also even more capable of helping each other up! Life is a rocky and bumpy road. Hold onto the ones you love and to the moments that captivate you! Let us enjoy each others company! Let us show compassion and strength in the midst of sadness and heart ache. Let us be thankful for the beauty that life gives to us each and every day! ❤

“Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.” ~Isaac Bashevis Singer 


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