Update and Peace:)

Update! I just wanted to do a quick update on YourLifeMatters! I have made a Facebook page called Your Life Matters! It is to help spread the word about my blog and to give all of you another way to follow this blog without always having to type my long URL! If you go to the Facebook page I give you the links to access my blog right from Facebook! 🙂 Hopefully you will check out the Facebook page if you haven’t already and give the page a like! 🙂 I hope this new year brings lots of life to this blog and happiness to new hearts and minds! ❤ Also, I want to apologize for not updating as daily this past week! With the holidays here, it brings family and visitors into town but the good news is that I am back to updating again!! 🙂 Thanks again so much for all of your support! ❤

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

I thought it would be the perfect day to talk and think about peace! A lot of us talk about a longing for peace.. A peace within families, a peace among friends, a peace between nations, a longing for peace within ourselves. Where do you long for peace in your life? How do we find peace? Well, the answer is within You! We have to bring peace to our own hearts and own minds. A lot of times we find peace in sleep. Sleeping is wonderful for our minds and bodies because a lot of times it brings a sense of being with ourselves! Others find peace in meditation, or being with the ones they love. Some even find peace when they work! To find peace, you must first find peace within yourself. Once you find peace within yourself, you can then find peace within other people and within the homes of others! We can always use more peace in our world! Accomplishing peacefulness comes with being patient, happy, calm, and a sense of knowing that there nothing to be afraid of. Remember that to feel the presence of peace within your life, you cannot be fearful. ❤

Obtaining Peace:

1.) Being in pleasant surroundings! Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people.

2.) Visit peaceful places! Hike a mountain, walk through the park, squish your toes into the warm sands along the beach, take a nap in front of the fire place, read a happy book, play a board game, dance to your favorite songs, talk with a really good friend, join a yoga class, meditate, pray, enjoy your favorite drink while sitting on couch in Starbucks, warmly embrace a loved one, etc., etc. There is so much you can do to feel peaceful! Just ask yourself, “Where do I find my peace?”

3.) Put yourself in the presence of peace. 🙂

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” ~Ronald Reagan


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